Why Choose Powder Coating

More and more people choose powder coating for its exceptional durability, scratch and chemical resistant coatings on their metal project for home, auto, and business metal coating needs.  The process is more economical and environmentally friendly.

Sandblasting & powder coating experts

Since 2010, Maui Powder Works has been a thriving sandblasting and powder coating business with a home base in Maui and serving all islands.  Powder coating is known for its green business applications and uses in LEED building.

The Top Reasons

We know there are many choices out there when you’ve got a metal project to paint or restore.  Here are the best reasons why you want to get them powder coated.  Use powder coating to define your look on a project. Powder colors have something to fit every purpose. From sleek black to safety of fluorescents, we can satisfy the needs for business or personal.

Think Smarter

Hawaii is our home but its harsh climate can take a toll on your car, home, motorcycle, and boat.  It’s tough enough to keep up with cleaning and maintaining your metal. We apply the toughest coating you need to stand against the elements in Hawaii.  It can handle UV and salt conditions more readily than even today’s most sophisticated paints. For business or industry needs, see more on meeting AAMA compliance standards.


Get It Done Right

We use a 5-stage restoration process to make sure your project gets done right. When you’re working on your prized or sentimental project send it to us. We’ll take care of your parts from start to finish.

  1. Stripping
  2. Blasting
  3. Metal Prep
  4. Powder Coating
  5. Inspection and Packaging


Hawaii’s Powder Source

We’ve built this company from the ground up and pride ourselves on bringing knowledge and the aloha spirit to every relationship.  Our professional technicians have decades of experience so you can count on us for the best coatings and information available from the industry.  

Think Outside The Box

With batch pricing on our multiple ovens sizes, we save you money and get your project done faster. Unlike single oven coaters, you no longer have to wait for your project to be grouped with others with longer turnaround times.


Bigger and better

Even large projects deserve performance finishes. From racking a wide range of part sizes and quantities to extreme custom fabrication we’ve completed some of the largest commercial jobs in the state.  Unlike paints which rely heavily on solvents, powders reduce VOC emissions and the quick cure process allows fast turnaround that delivers a long-lasting, durable product.

Our customized ovens are ready to meet jobs up to 10 feet high!  See FAQs for specifics.