About RossKote

Building Community Around Powder Coating. 

The Powder Coater Podcast

We are the voice of custom coating. Hosted by husband & wife team, Ross & Kim Scott. The RossKote Podcast is for custom coaters by custom coaters of all skill levels. They are out to help this niche audience learn industry secrets, discover new products & meet influencers to grow their powder coater business. Their weekly episodes, along with news & bonus content, bridge gaps in the industry by providing exciting topics that are informative & educational. It’s a life hacker’s guide to powder coating!

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Publishing to the industry

As a community leader were proud to contribute valuable outreach through publishing.  We survey custom powder coaters from around the world. Based on the feedback we have comprised the following reports. Our hope is to provide validation & enlightenment on key indicators for growth. Sign up and get access to the entire vault of published materials from RossKote.

Access Individual Reports

Based on the feedback we get from the survey takers in the industry, we have comprised the following reports. Our hope is to either validate what you are seeing in your own business or enlighten you on key indicators for growth. We will attempt to use the findings to make suggestions on what strategies could work best for either attracting new clientele or service offerings.


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