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Patina Powder Coat

A new line of powder coated effects

Launched in 2018, Maui Powder Works has a new line of powder coated finishes called Powder Effects© Patina Powder Coat©.   These artistic effects are going to change the way you think about finish applications forever.   The innovative applications can produce beautiful, realistic finishes that are in demand without losing their toughness and durability the industry has come to expect.

Top-ranked powder coating blogger and owner Ross Scott is intrigued with the ability to use industrial powder coatings as a creative force in the production of luxury looks in the manufacturing process. He credits his outcome to his unique background in faux finishing techniques he learned as a master painter before getting into the metal coating business.

patina powder coat
patina powder coat
patina powder coat
patina powder coat

Better than the real thing

Unlike living finishes, patina powder coat© and powder effects© offer better surface integrity. This appeal is an added bonus when most living or chemically induced patinas are created using layers of harsh chemicals to encourage the same decayed effect by compromising the surface of the metal.

The performance finishes that we can provide are way better and faster to produce than liquid applications too. As soon as they are out of the oven they are ready to be installed. This is something other finishers can’t do because of longer lead times and processing delays.  If they rush their layered process they lose the trueness of the mottled effect.

This “waiting for the paint to dry” is what inspired Scott to get into powder coating in the first place. Read more on his story here.

 Front Cover

Read more about the process in the August 2018 Architectural Issue of Powder Coating Magazine

Ready from day one

Our perfect patina in paradise© is perfect from day one,” says Scott. “You no longer have to wait for aging to occur.”  They are truly timeless and cost 50% less to produce than real copper, ” he says.

That’s great news for developers. “We can achieve a similar effect out of cheaper substrates its a win-win for the manufacturing and contracting markets.”

Achieving a perfect architectural effect immediately without waiting for change over time is important to the resort and luxury home markets.  These high-end markets demand ready-made finishes but seek the quality of being environmentally friendly.

What the industry is saying:

Simulates the positive effects of weather and time, while in reality, being brand new and ready for years of use.

…looks aged but is very durable.

Great patina effect without waiting years. Like that it’s done in long-lasting, high-quality, powder coat paint.

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Patina effects suit to customer specs

suit to customer specs

With this unique proprietary process, different effects can be created. The effect can range from simple distressing to heavily distressed, aged looks.  We can even use different colors to create architectural variances, the sky’s the limit.
Patina effects suit to customer specs

finishes that never change

Unlike today’s liquid painted, naturally occurring, or induced living finishes that lend themselves to surface inefficiency and decay our effects can create a consistent layered finish needed for larger scale projects.

now available

Brushed Bronze Effect© to Affect Architectural World

Still, in its infancy, the brushed bronze effect© is also done using only powder coating. It could exceed architectural expectations by mimicking this type of metal look so hard to achieve through painting and so expensive to produce in the manufacturing market.  Collaborating with local fabricators, Padilla Designs, inspired us to create these truly innovated powder effects that will ignite a new genre of architectural faux finishes.  

brushed bronze powder coated effect