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Powder Coat Rims

Get ready like a pro

Customizing your wheels for a car, truck or motorcycle? We are the best source for tips and tricks to powder coated rims. Whether you have new, used or aftermarket rims we’re the guys that will give you what you need to know on alloy, steel, and aluminum rims.

No matter where you are or who you choose in Hawaii for powder coating, we’ll get you ready like a pro.

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Step 2. Imagine the possibilities

It’s all included.

Think change needs to be expensive? It doesn’t…Check out these rims we did for just $500. Includes stripping, sandblasting, powder, and coating with our in-stock color– Satin Black.

Tire service availability

We work with local service providers.

Although we do not provide dismount and balance services when getting your rims done, we work with local tire shops too. Call us for more details.

Custom Builds

Personalize your look.

Got a show coming up? A race to compete? Call early. We’ll work with you on color, styling, and timing.

Free Colors & Samples

We have swatches and samples on site.

Come by anytime to see our samples and color charts. We have illusions, metallics and solid colors and more. We can also order any samples you want for FREE.

Ship Your Rims

Helping neighbor islanders.

That’s right, even if your not on Maui we can help.  We offer free pick up and delivery from the airport or dock with quick turnaround. 

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