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Powder Coating Hawaii

Industrial Metal Restoration & Painting 

Maui Powder Works | Powder Coating Hawaii is the go to powder coat expert for industrial metal restoration and painting.  We love powder coating and partner with people passionate about performance to make your metal look as good as you need it to perform.  As a top shop powder coater, our powder coating applications can handle UV and salt conditions more readily than even today’s most sophisticated liquid paints.  If you’re looking for protection, durability or colorful utility then look to us to deliver proven industrial coatings that stand the test of time

Making your metal look as good as you need it to perform

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is a process that bonds powdered paint to metal for greater adherence and extends the life of your project with no drips and less maintenance.

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Hawaii Tough

Hawaii is our home but its harsh climate can take a toll on your car, home, motorcycle, and boat. We apply the toughest coating you need to stand against the elements. 

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Full Service job shop

With multiple oven sizes we can rack a range of parts & quanities, even extreme sized custom fabrication. Get speedy estimates & help with logistics.

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What to expect

These are just a few of the benefits to powder coating with us. We believe providing the highest quality customer service is the key to operating a successful business.  ​


AAMA Compliance Standards

From new construction to restoration we share our expertise so customers can navigate the process of powder coating to make the best choices for getting their projects done.

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5-stage restoration

  1. Stripping
  2. Blasting
  3. Metal Prep
  4. Powder Coating
  5. Inspecting & Packaging

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