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what it means to be green.


Unlike traditional painting contractors who deal with liquid paints and epoxies, the powder industry spares Hawaii landfills from excessive debris and waste from job clean up.  Better yet, powder coatings contain no solvents and therefore do not emit pollution in the form of harmful fumes and gases known as VOCs into the atmosphere. 

Aside from offering a safe superior finish to metal, you can be confident you’re not hurting the planet.   With the greatest efficiency and the highest quality powder coating meets stringent air pollution legislation. The next time you are faced with coating your metal project think powder coating first; think Maui Powder Works!  Learn more about us.  Here’s what our customers are saying about us. Testimonials.    


Maui Powder Works is committed to sharing their experience in metal coatings, painting, and restoration so customers can navigate the process of powder coating and make the best choices for getting their projects done. RossKote regularly contributes helpful videos on his blog and YouTube channel.

Join us.  As we build a powder coating community online to share our passion for performance finishes.

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