Restored Enigmas of a Resort Main Entrance helps them stand out.

Tucked away on a windy road just minutes away from the big waves of Honolua Bay there is a resort that is preserving their uniqueness using powder coating. With direct cove access and fabulous snorkeling, Honokeana Cove Condos is using powder coating to restore and maintain some very special metal projects that help keep this vacation spot looking top-notch.

Preservation Project 1- Lighted Torches

Resident manager, Ray Watson, first came to us earlier this year after peak tourist season was winding down to work on their lighted Kahili torches project. The torch lighting stands out at night keeping drivers on alert of a dangerous bend in the road ahead. 

What are Kahili?


The Kahili(s) were 30-40 years old, an inspiration reminiscent from the Kingdom of Hawaii. The stands needed stabilizing and the original painted finish had faded over time. The housing was dismantled carefully to see if it was a good candidate for the metal restoration process.  It was amazing how well preserved it was.

We were impressed with the craftsmanship of the original builder. The metal was in impeccable shape for as old as it was.  It made an excellent candidate for an AAMA 2604 compliant finish. 

As a key feature to the main entrance, it was important for the oceanfront resort to do it right. Now the renovated light fixture keeps this place a visual stand out amongst similarly built vacation rentals just outside the main resort areas of Kaanapali in West Maui.

We used a primer base specified for aluminum and then finished with Prismatic Powders-Anodized Bronze.   





Preservation Project 2 – Turtle Mailbox

The Cove includes sea turtles and endless rainbows in listed amenities…they literally mean it! 

The Cove's mailbox Honu-a 20 yr. old metal sculpted sea turtle

Sea turtles, called Honu in Hawaiian, thrive in this area of Maui

The story goes that a visiting tourist was so impressed by his stay he imparted the hand-crafted icon as a thank you to the resort’s staff. Today it is vital to telling travelers:

“ Stop, turn here! You’ve arrived at your destination. “

 Starting to rust it was time to give this guy and new updated look. This project was creatively restored using our Patina Powder Coat finish we innovated right here in Maui, Hawaii. 

before restoration-the mailbox honu was rusty & faded

We asked full-time resident manager, Ray Watson about why they chose powder coating, he replied:

We chose powder coat because it’s the strongest, most durable, long term, low maintenance coating. I wanted my pieces that are exposed to every element to last a long time and stay looking good. Plus using a paint product would require hundreds of dollars a year to refinish to keep them looking new, the extra cost of powder coating will pay for itself over time.

Owners of these one, two and three bedroom oceanfront vacation rentals can rest assured the most unique features of a precious hideaway will remain protected for years to come.





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