Powder Coating Near Me

Find a powder coating shop near you.

Are you looking to powder coat your wheels or rims? What if you don’t have a powder coating job shop nearby?

Our comprehensive directory of the world’s best custom powder coaters helps consumers find the perfect powder coating for projects.

It’s called Powder Coating Near Me.

We started because we realized Google doesn’t give you exactly what you need when searching for powder coating. 

There are lots of powder coaters that may populate in your area BUT not all will do rims or automotive parts. Some are industrial only. Some are line coaters. Some just do part manufacturing. They can’t help you but their results don’t tell you.

That’s why we created the largest directory of the best coaters on the planet.

..and they all have a story to tell.

Did you know you can powder coat vape pens? I didn’t until I met Ashton Palmer of . He’s in our directory & he’s located in Idaho.

There’s also Victor Pate from in Tennessee who started his own line of powders just for car rim customizing.

You won’t know what you’re missing until you find out that the best coaters may not be near you at all.

Click HERE to use the directory today.

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