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Top shop makes it in Maui, Hawaii

Maui Powder Works has been named one of the best finishing shops in the U.S. for 2019, according to an industry benchmarking survey conducted by Products Finishing magazine, a trade publication that has covered the industry since 1936. The magazine conducted an extensive benchmarking survey that analyzes companies in several different areas, including Current Finishing Technology, Finishing Practices and Performances, Business Strategies and Performances, and Training and Human Resources.

Only the top 50 shops were given the honor of being a Products Finishing magazine ‘Top Shop’ based on a scoring matrix of those four criteria.

As a powder coating shop located Maui we are extremely excited and pleased to be named one of Products Finishing magazine’s ‘Top Shops’ especially from Maui, Hawaii.  



“To be able to be as competitive as mainland shops means our employees and management team have worked very hard to be the best in the industry and to expand the market here while providing our customers with quality service.”

                                                                                               -Ross Scott, Maui Powder Works



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We Make Metal Perform Better

When it comes to powder coating metal applications we are Hawaii’s go-to source. Our knowledge provides insight into solving a customer’s individual needs. We make your metal look as good as you need it to perform.


Here are three more ways we’re great for Hawaii.

  1. Unlike traditional painting contractors who deal with messy liquid paints and epoxies, powder coating industry spares Hawaii landfills from excessive debris and waste from job clean up.  
  1. Durable coatings also contain no solvents; therefore do not emit pollution in the form of harmful fumes and gases known as VOCs into the atmosphere. 
  1. Our multiple ovens sizes offer flexibility; from racking a wide range of part sizes and quantities to extreme sized custom fabrication. We do it all, big or small saving you money with a quicker turnaround.
Maui Powder Works is committed to sharing their experience in metal coatings, painting, and restoration so customers can navigate the process of powder coating and make the best choices for getting their projects done.

RossKote regularly contributes helpful videos on his blog and YouTube channel.

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