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The Top 4 Reasons for powder coating

We know there are many choices out there when you’ve got a metal project to paint or restore.  Here are the best reasons why you want to get them powder coated.  

  1.  Use powder coating to define your look on a project.
  2.  Powder colors have something to fit every purpose. From sleek black to the safety of fluorescent, it can satisfy the needs for business or personal.
  3.  Unlike liquid paints and epoxies, powder coatings are more economical and environmentally friendly.
  4.  Being solvent free the process allows for a faster turnaround that delivers a durable product.


Harsh climates can take a toll on your car, home, motorcycle, and boat.  It’s tough enough to keep up with cleaning and maintaining your metal. The toughest coating you can get to stand against the elements is powder coating.  It can handle UV and salt conditions more readily than even today’s most sophisticated paints.


When working on your prized or sentimental project use a 5-stage restoration process. Your local powder coater should know of this process. If they don’t consider going somewhere else to avoid problems with your coater.

  1. Stripping
  2. Blasting
  3. Metal Prep
  4. Powder Coating
  5. Inspection and Packaging



Generally, coaters will charge batch pricing to keep costs down on jobs for their customers. The downside to this is that you may have to wait longer for your parts to get done. Why? Unlike small oven coaters, you may have to wait longer for your project to be grouped with others which leads to longer turnaround times.

Occasionally, some coaters will charge by the piece because they specialize in certain items like rims or auto parts.  Seek a coater with multiple ovens sizes to save money and get your project done faster.




Maui Powder Works is committed to sharing their experience in metal coatings, painting, and restoration so customers can navigate the process of powder coating and make the best choices for getting their projects done. RossKote regularly contributes helpful videos on his blog and YouTube channel.

Join us.  As we build a powder coating community online to share our passion for performance finishes.

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