Learn how Greensolv helps stay on the leading edge of green tech, reduce burns & yes contrary to what you’ve heard…save money! 

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In this episode, we introduce you to Martin Pageau, President of Greensolv a closed metal paint stripper system. It takes drive, determination & commitment to be at the forefront of bringing green to the restoration industry. This guest is out to change your mind.

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Interview with Martin Pageau of Greensolv

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RossKote(Kim):Welcome to episode seven. I’m your host Kim Scott. You are listening to the powder coder podcast where we interview influencers in the industry and cover trending topics. So powder coaters can effectively learn and grow their business today. It’s all about saving time and restoration that starts with stripping. There are a few products out there that can do that today and we have one of them right now. I’d like to introduce Martin Pageau from Greensolv. Welcome to the show Martin.


Martin Pageau: Well, thank you Kim. Hi, everyone.


RossKote(Kim):How long have you been working for green solve?

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Martin Pageau, President of Greensolv

Martin Pageau: Almost 20 years. We started the company in 2002. My father was the founder. I was there with him. So almost 20 years.


RossKote(Kim):And is that Daniel Peju has Joe


Martin Pageau: Yeah.




Martin Pageau: That’s correct. It was an entrepreneur all his life.


RossKote(Kim):and you guys are out of and you guys are out of Montreal East Coast.


Martin Pageau: Exactly Montreal and Canada were about six hours driving distance from New York City straight up north.


RossKote(Kim):Wow, okay. So what’s the story behind Green Salt I says on your website that it was a gel paint remover. You used it for a Japanese client. Can you give us a really brief story behind that?


Martin Pageau: Yes, this company is based out of Osaka in Japan. There’s still our customers 25 years down the road. They wanted the replacement the paint Cooper with no metal and chloride or dark little methane and we worked on that for a year or two and then we’ve been selling them a non. Well less toxic paint stripper for all these years.


RossKote(Kim):That’s awesome. So it says on your website that you or in your story your about page. It says that you offer a closed metal paint system stripper system. What exactly does a closed metal paint stripper system mean?


Martin Pageau: Well, that’s a long-term goal. I would like to have no contamination or no no evaporation in the atmosphere. We’d like to recycle the water that they use for wrenching parts. So we’d like to have a closed system, you know and be able to recuperate even the paint stripper itself. And so that that would be a zero contamination going out of the system. That is our objective long-term though because we’re almost there but not quite.


RossKote(Kim):Right, but hey, you’re in that direction and that’s so important which leads me to your core values because I really I really get and stand behind what you’re doing. It’s good for the planet. It’s good for people. But yeah, you know, we’ve got this problem. We want to save. Things that we like right, we want to restore them. We want to be able to bring them back to life and you know, we we’ve got to strike a balance and stuff like that. So what can you say about your core values? What out of all of them you have five listed here: protect the environment, be a valuable partner, promote Excellence always innovate, generate wealth for employees, customers and Community out of all of those which one is the most important to you.


Martin Pageau: Well, that’s a very difficult one. I think they’re all very important. We like to protect the environment. We like to be a good partner. Also, we like to help our customers strip more parts and be greener. We’d like to reduce our carbon footprint. Like I said and also create some wealth for for everybody for our employees but also for our customers for just about everyone so that’s that’s a real tough one, but protect




Martin Pageau: the environment might be one of them


RossKote(Kim):I think so because when you when you choose that one, it’s like it all the


Martin Pageau: might be the most important.


RossKote(Kim):others kind of fall in line. You know, it just seems like That’s kind of where we’re all kind of headed. And you know, we do have chemicals out there for a reason because they do good jobs for us and when we need them to and so it’s important. It’s part of the basis of life, right?


Martin Pageau: Yeah.


RossKote(Kim):And so primarily I guess a lot of you know, because I’m speaking on behalf of the custom coaters. you know, our primary interest is stripping rims, car rims and stuff like that and Before we get into how long it takes to strip a wheel with your product and how much does it cost to do that? Before we do that you have that you are the world’s most efficient and profitable paint system stripping system. What does that mean? I mean like how does a small custom coder? I guess just kind of do that. I mean, how do we strike that balance between being efficient and profitable but yes stripping.


Martin Pageau: Yes, that is a ball claim. I have to admit but what we’re trying to do is actually to provide a very efficient product that is predictable and reliable. So you want to have always the same strip time, it might vary a little bit. But you know if it takes an hour or two hours to strip a rim, it’s it takes two hours now and in six months and in 12 months with the kind of the same solution, and also what we want to be doing is to reduce the cost for our customers. So if you can strip a rim for two dollars and you know, it’s reliable, you know, it’s going to be there so you can price accordingly to your customer and it makes you feel you know safe when you make sure your prices and also which your business because if you have a chemical that varies and you don’t know if it’s going to strip in one hour or 12 hours or 24 or not at all, then it could be a problem. You know, you promised something to your customers and you want to be good to that. You want to meet your requirements. So yeah, we try to have something reliable and predictable.


RossKote(Kim):Yeah, you know and I think I you know in our system here in our small shop, you know Ross only leads. he’s the only one that does this dripping whether we’re buying it off the shelf or ordering it or you know, like any kind of stripping that gets done is done by him the owner because we’re so worried about passing that, you know, allowing our employees to take that risk on our behalf for our customer and that is That I know we never felt really comfortable having our you know, so we always tasked them to do other things in the shop, but it’s a it’s taking a toll on my husband. In his health and well-being. So I think this is definitely a product that we would be you know that I would say most custom coaters. and their wives or girlfriends would probably want their husbands to want right, but, you know when looking into the cost of your product It can get kind of pricey at least on the onset. Do you want to talk about like How I know you have a cost calculator on your website, and I’ve used it. And it’s certainly is interesting to know how you know, you can see how it can reduce labor and increase productivity. But how does the cost? How do you how do you justify the cost? I guess because we looked into it for ourselves and it was really expensive.


Martin Pageau: Indeed the capital investment is pretty steep. If you want just a tank and the chemical you might be looking at $15,000 or something. But then the advantages are no labor. And once you have it, it’s really the lowest using cost you can ever get with one drum of chemical which is 55 gallons. We can strip 1,000 Wheels the equivalent with the nasty metal and chloride that burns your skin right on contact and also it’s very nasty and it’s banned by EPA for releasing in the air releasing in the water. So this product the competitor it’s 100 Wheels but 55 gallons. So you strip 10 times more with our chemicals that are three or four times less toxic than the other guys. Then you use 10 times less. So therefore the carbon footprint or the the toxicity to the environment is 10 times less plus also it’s the chemicals that we use are a lot greener. A lot of our customers once they they overcome that capital investment. You tell us that the tank is the employee of the month. You’re right because nobody wants to be stripping it’s too dangerous. You get one drop on your skin and you’re burnt for life. This is not the case with ours. It’s very safe and you got no everyone. Labor, it’s probably not the will 30 seconds to drop it in. Take it out and rinse it and there you go. There will strip. You don’t have any scratching no or no scrubbing. So that’s that’s all we can justify it because once you have it, it makes you make money because you can do 10 times more one small tank the $15,000 capital investment will strip for you up to four or five sets a day and you can even leave the wheels overnight. So therefore you save a lot of money and you can do more. You compare with the price of one employee per year. It’s a lot cheaper.

RossKote(Kim):I think that’s a very very valid point when you’re talking about when you add in that employee. Into the equation I would say, you know, if you are at the if you’re a custom coder and you’re at that level of where you have like at least one two, maybe three employees and stuff to keep them busy. I mean that that can Make the difference in time and maybe replace. I don’t know. I don’t want to say replace an employee, but maybe scale you faster if you can, you know plan that out right in your in your strategic planning. I did see on the was watching the YouTube video that you have. And I like so when you put it in there, that’s kind of get more into the nuts and bolts of the system. So you put these you put rims in you’ve got them. Are they all happening to be the same size or can they be multiple sizes?


Martin Pageau: Or they can be multiple sizes. Obviously. If you have a four wheel tank, normally you’ll be your your strip four similar Wheels, but the tank that we that we sell they’re up to 26 inches and with so you can do up to 24 inches rims, but you can turn them around if you


RossKote(Kim):I see. Yeah.


Martin Pageau: if you see some 26 or 30 inch rims,


RossKote(Kim):and in that video on the YouTube


Martin Pageau: you can obviously turn them around


RossKote(Kim):video are these like painted rims


Martin Pageau: and do two at a time and it doesn’t happen most of the time. Yeah, so


RossKote(Kim):like or they it wasn’t it didn’t say in the video. So I’m just asking are these Already previously powder coated or are they paint painted rims?


Martin Pageau: All the rims and well, we’re very lucky. The video comes from wheeler finisher that we have here in Montreal. They do anywhere between 100 and 200 Wheels a day that this trip they have three strip tanks and it’s all OEM Coatings. It’s very rare that they have a wheel that was powder coated. So it’s always the original finish from the the manufacturer and yeah, they take between 90 minutes per batch this trip and they do usually 16 wheels at a time. They want to do 150 Wheels. That’s they need to be very productive and the Coster will is




Martin Pageau: very low it’s about two and a half three bucks. And when you think about it three dollars is about what seven minutes labor and how long does it take if you strip a wheel by hand probably 15-20 minutes and you’re probably used to 20 dollars of paint stripper.


RossKote(Kim):Right exact. Hope more than that sometimes so yeah, that’s I guess that’s kind of maybe where? Most of the custom coaters are could be either dealing with a previously powder coated Rim how well does that does your product work on the on a powder coated Rim? Not necessarily a painted Rim. Do you know?


Martin Pageau: Oh, yes part according is probably one of the easiest according to be removed. It takes 60 minutes 40 minutes that the strip about recorded around what it could take if you have a BMW with the original finish, it’s usually three codes the base code. Well, you get the primer the base don’t and the clear on top those can take up to 90 minutes the strip so usually yeah part of coding and then when we have coupons that we do our test on in the lab particulating is usually the easiest so it strips Eco product coding any type of liquid paint would they be polyurethane epoxies? just about every cool thing that we




Martin Pageau: know of and even the PVD the new one that they put on the OEM wheels such as the F-150 that takes longer.




Martin Pageau: It’s probably like three four hours,


RossKote(Kim):Yeah, okay.


Martin Pageau: right?


RossKote(Kim):Yeah. Okay, because I know you couldn’t do


Martin Pageau: But it’s strips. Well you leave them overnight.


RossKote(Kim):that with like a traditional chemical stripper. I mean you get you know, I don’t know if you you did


Martin Pageau: right


RossKote(Kim):that overnight. You would probably wake up to and open up the thing and there wouldn’t be anything in there. I’d be gone.


Martin Pageau: the Yes indeed. The will would disappear.


RossKote(Kim):right All right. Well, so let’s talk about your customer. Let’s kind of backtrack a little bit and go into who is your ideal customer. I know your advertising to like the Aerospace industry and stuff like that. But before we started the podcast you were talking about, you know your custom coder Market. Can you describe who that is? Who is your customer? How big are they? What kind of guys are calling you for this product?


Martin Pageau: Our our customers mainly 90% or 95% of our customers right now are either custom quarters or a little bit finishers and the size of the business will vary we have a lot of guys that are it’s a one-man show and some the biggest shops that we sell to are probably 30 40 employees. So it’s usually a small business and they’re located probably 60% of our businesses in America in 42 States even in Hawaii actually and we got Canada, maybe 40% or 35% you sell a bit to Japan and France and England so but yeah, normally it’s the custom quarters that they want to strip and repaint wheels or valve covers or brake pads or bicycle motorcycle frames the usual stuff or even garden chairs. people chairs but all metal Parts, obviously, so this trip the good custom quarters this trip and then the sand blasts for five minutes with a brush blast just to give it a nice profile and after that the particle so and it helps them so much because this is reliable when you get some Wheels coming in you just throw them in the tank and there’s trip within a


RossKote(Kim):right, so


Martin Pageau: couple hours so you can start working


RossKote(Kim):So do you offer some kind of?


Martin Pageau: on them and there’s no labor again.


RossKote(Kim):Financing or how does you know like do we have to come up with our own financing for this or how do you usually set up your clients when they’re ready to purchase?


Martin Pageau: I would try to help our customers anywhere we can and this is one of their methods that we got is the payment plan. The most popular one is probably the eight month payment plan. So we ask for 20% down 20% before we ship which is five or six weeks later because we offer three things we offer the chemicals: the Stripping System including the tank the rinse table, the whole system and also the third thing that we offer is a technical service. So we go see our customers every three or four months the grab a sample and analyze it so you always maintain good efficiency and you never dump your stripper. But to get back to the payment plan. Yeah, we got an eight month payment plan over say 20% 20% and six months of 10% or we get also what we call the paper wheel. It’s over 36 months. So you get a flat fee that includes all the chemicals for the three years and includes also the system and then you hone it after 36 months.


RossKote(Kim):And so do you fly out to Hawaii and test my system?


Martin Pageau: I’d love to actually never been to Hawaii. I loved it.


RossKote(Kim):Allowing me fun. I think we could maybe go on an adventure when we come to Hawaii, too. You might have to take some extra time to test all those chemicals when you’re here.


Martin Pageau: Yes, we actually fly quite a bit to Japan once a year, so it would be on the way.


RossKote(Kim):Oh you do? Okay. Yeah, okay. So let me look back on some of the questions. I  sent it out to our Group Forum here on Facebook and one guy asked could you make the tank longer? I guess the tank he has is 44 inches and is six inches too short.


Martin Pageau: hmm


RossKote(Kim):For a full set of four-wheel tank. Do you know what he’s talking about there?


Martin Pageau: Yes. Yes, we’ve been making thanks for maybe five six years. And at first the tanks were 44 inches long by 24 inches wide and had years going by will be getting bigger and bigger every year. So we had twice we had extended the tank the four wheel thing I’m talking about. So now it’s 48 by 26. So yes indeed. We make him bigger. We also have the six wheel take which is 72 inches long and that is very good. If you want to do a bumper or motorcycle frame or any kind of long parts, that’s especially good for product quarters or custom quarters.


RossKote(Kim):Yeah, it sounds like it because you know, we have such a variety of parts and pieces and stuff. It seemed like that would be the one to get. And the other guy asked this is he was wanting to know could you make them more affordable? He was a bit shocked because the pricing when he asked was in Canadian dollars, I guess. So is there a plan to make this more aside from your payment program? Is there an opportunity for you guys to make them? Cheaper in the end or your to lower your cost so you can pass it on to the customer.


Martin Pageau: We’re trying to and that’s where we’ve been doing for the last year’s but also we have a nice control box. The tanks are UL certified which means it’s up to the electrical code of America and also Canada and now Europe those things are a bit costly and most tanks when we can start looking at them on the web. They’re pretty often that are competitors are like two or three times the price sometimes we try to and that’s all we Mass Market them or we Mass produce them up to maybe 50 60 tanks a year. So I think the price is already pretty good. I know it looks pretty expensive. But there’s a lot of Technology. They’re very well insulated. They get a nice counterweight. They’re like workhorses.


RossKote(Kim):right, and I think like he said


Martin Pageau: so


RossKote(Kim):you’re saving money because you know, it’s that employee exchange, right, you know, so either you you can put your money into this machine that can replace your employee who would be in charge of stripping or you yeah,


Martin Pageau: exactly


RossKote(Kim):exactly. So that makes sense to me. So if someone had an older tank and wanted to upgrade to the larger tanks, is that possible or would they have to be like buying the whole system all over again?


Martin Pageau: We’re trying to get a very great exchange system for that. Normally we give the face value of the thing that was even if it was paid like through two three four years ago. We like to exchange tanks because they’re better built. Now we keep on, you know, making them stronger and better and also wider and longer. So yeah, we kind of try to give our customers face value what they paid a factory years ago against the new tank. So the new tank might be a bit more expensive but still it’s pretty good and also that’s the same thing. We do say something and we like to see our customers grow. So we sell them a four wheel tank and eventually two or three years later. They want a six wheel tank or an eight wheel tank and then we can trade it against the old tank face value again.


RossKote(Kim):You know, this is such valuable information and I know you can only put so much on a website. I mean, I really like your website. It’s very clean. It’s very simple. It’s very easy to read and it gets to the point. But I’m so glad that I’m having you on the show because it’s answering a lot of these details that may be inhibiting some powder coaters to reach out to you to get more information. You know what I mean? And it’s been good having you answered some of these ahead of time to kind of peak the interest of custom coaters that you know could be on the fence of you know, maybe buying a trying to decide what to buy if they’re gonna go with a traditional chemicals stripper system or yours. So okay. I want to ask you another question I wanted to ask you and that is I can’t find my notes. Let’s talk about the processor, the chemical process right in itself. How does it work? Could you just I’d like to know more about how it works because I know it’s heated and in and it’s got so bad. How does it start as a chemical and then it’s safe when it comes out you can Not burn yourself.


Martin Pageau: Well, we use the way that we came up with that chemistry. Is that normally the cold paint stripper? That’s what we call it. That’s the dichloromethane. That’s the one that burns your skin right on contact and pretty much every paint stripper available out there or most of them although they’re getting banned slowly. They have this molecule, the bacterial methane. This is called so you can use it at a real temperature. So in order there’s no chemical that is as good in terms of paint stripping. So the only way we could do that is by heating the solution to 80 or to 18. I Tour 80 Celsius and that’s how every 10 degrees or every 20 degrees you double the efficiency. So it’s exponential. It’s two four eight 16. And that’s how we can come up with a very efficient solution that is more efficient now than that lower methane, but we’re comparing it 180 versus room temperature. So that’s the first part now the chemistry itself we can rejuvenate it and that’s why we go to see our customers. We try to go see them at least three times a year depending where they’re located but to grab a sample bring it back to the lab and then we can analyze it and we tell our customers. Okay, you can fix your chemistry this way and we have 200 chemicals that are additive and that can bring the efficiency back to 90% So that’s all that’s why we’re saying that the chemistry is very very reliable and predictable in terms of stripping time. The third thing is that we need to clean. Of course the chemical will get saturated with paint because the paint doesn’t go anywhere it stays in the tank So eventually it’s too dense and that’s one of the tests that we can tell our customers when it’s time to clean. But normally if you do say 20 Wheels a day for a four wheel tank you like to clean every month and a half it takes about two hours. What you do is you let your tank cool down, you let the paint settle at the bottom you pump out the chemical and then there 15 or 20 gallons that you have at the bottom of paint. It’s a very fine particle. It’s like clay. It’s a microscopic particle, but because if they the paint is really disintegrated and that’s why it trips too well because it goes into the nukes and crannies and even the places where it’s engraver and boss it’s trips welding those in those Corners. So you remove the liquid and then you shovel out the sludge and you put the liquid back in and you top off the new material. So if you remove 15 gallons of sludge, you have 15 gallons of new paint stripper. So, otherwise you never dumped your chemicals you always reusing.


RossKote(Kim):Right, you’re just adding to it. And so you pretty much leave it to the coder to manage it himself date on a monthly level and they’re just adding and taking out sludge and then in between that you’ll come out or you’ll test the sample for them and then tell them what they need to add in or how much to add in.


Martin Pageau: Exactly.



Martin Pageau: That’s like a blood test. It tells you how much you’ve been taking care of your solution.


RossKote(Kim):right, so you


Martin Pageau: And there’s some good and some some good systems and some that are not as good. Let’s put it this way.


RossKote(Kim):right. I mean it’s it’s so I guess if you’re gonna buy your system, you have to be committed to maintaining it. Otherwise, it may not strip as well as you need it to.


Martin Pageau: hmm Indeed. That’s a key cleaning. Your solution is probably one of the most important things. It keeps the efficiency High just removing. This sludge is if you think about having 20% paint and you’re stripping the solution all you probably lose 20% efficiency because it takes the space of good good chemicals. So that’s why you need to remove that paint.


RossKote(Kim):so if you have this system and then


Martin Pageau: That’s a standard paint and the chemical once in a while.


RossKote(Kim):you know say you’ve done X number of Wheels over the month. Will it start to not strip as well? Is that how you know


Martin Pageau: Well, if you buy a four-wheel tank again the example, then you do four sets a day after three months. Probably you’ll see some some the efficiency go down quite a bit slowly




Martin Pageau: slowly, but gradually what you want to do is after two months and three months again, you settle down the paint by turning up the tank for 48 hours and then you shovel this ledge out empty the tank. And as soon as you put some new chemical and you remove the sludge the efficiency will shoot right back to 90% of its original oil was when you got it.


RossKote(Kim):Okay. So one of the metals that is limited with the substrates that you can put into the Into this system. I mean I would imagine alloy is okay aluminum. D what if you have something that’s like really rusty or


Martin Pageau: Well, unlike the dichloromethane or the cold strippers you can put a lot more. The metals and you can use you can strip magnesium. You can strip. So the fancy wheels from Ferrari or even I think Harley-Davidson, that’s some magnesium Wheels. I get the question at least probably once a month. Can I put my magnesium Wheels in there? Yes, they’re very expensive first. So you don’t want to scrap them and you can put stainless steel cast iron any type of aluminum magnesium titanium, even some plastic a little bit. It’s to hit the Miss with plastics.




Martin Pageau: It’s plastic is like paint.


RossKote(Kim):Right. It probably would depend on its chemical composition.


Martin Pageau: Yes, exactly.




Martin Pageau: But I get a lot of customers that shook their plugs into in the solution.


RossKote(Kim):Okay, okay.


Martin Pageau: and the hooks


RossKote(Kim):Um well Yeah, there’s never ending there. But a lot of the same, I mean in terms of Maintenance, it’s a lot of the same stuff that the traditional chemical stripper tanks, you know, you still have to you still have to you don’t necessarily have to drain it. But you do have to take out that sludge or it will not be as it fills up and you have to you know, you do have some maintenance there with that tank system.


Martin Pageau: yes.


RossKote(Kim):So pretty similar in terms of that. Wow. This has been so enlightening. I guess such an enlightening. I learned so much more than I thought I ever would with this interview. I mean I kind of know about the regular I can never say this word methane or whatever system. That’s what I’ve mostly utilized or been around. But I’ve I really am a kind of intrigue Now by your product and I hope our listeners are too because I’m gonna put all the links in this interview like your YouTube video a link to your website and stuff because I think people need to start maybe looking into that because let’s face it. The world is trying to well, they’re regulated. It’s becoming more regulated in terms of nasty chemical usage. You’re trying the industry’s trying to go more green. What is the future of your product? I mean, what’s the what’s the what do you see happening in the future in terms of chemical stripping?


Martin Pageau: would like to do again is close that Loop so Reduce our carbon footprint carbon footprinting means the damage we do or to the environment or the what we leave behind, you know, whatever it is rents water or solvents going into the atmosphere. So with we’d like to do is capture everything again and make it more efficient and more and by one of our our current purpose actually is achieving more with less and that’s what we want to do is do more help you strip more for less less pollution less money. And then reduce the cost of stripping we already take it down from dichloromethane. We evaluated. It’s probably $4 per wheel of chemicals with the cold strippers with ours. It’s probably $2 a wheel or maybe 250 sometimes but so yeah, that’s what we want to achieve. It’s just more efficient greener. So that’s what we try to push and we do a lot of R&D. I was in the lab this morning trying to get the new version which is even Greener. We call it the California friendly formulation. So that’s one step further than or the actual paint stripper that we get now and it’s being tested for the last two or three years already.


RossKote(Kim):Yeah, and I think that that research and development part is key because you’re pushing the industry forward with your company. Whereas some of the more traditional older companies that are just selling chemicals. I mean, it seems like their days are going to be numbered. Maybe I don’t know, you know it just with regulation coming down and green earth EPA standards changing all the time getting more strict either by state or by nation. And I think that I think that you guys are definitely on to the Future and that’s something that all coaters. Need to understand in terms of moving and pushing their business forward, you know, despite Maybe. We’re you know, some of the logistics that are happening in supplies and materials for their business. right now with changes in getting products and materials and pigments here to America. It’s nice to know that there is a guy in Canada that’s providing this kind of a system to keep our businesses running. And now you do have a blog post on there that said that you are making things in America now, is that what’s up with that?


Martin Pageau: Oh, yeah, that’s right. Well, we try to be a valuable partner. We’ll try to reduce the carbon footprint and that means also reducing the freight. I mean the distance that our drums are going so if we ship from Montreal Canada to California, that’s a long way to ship one drum. So yes, we started blending. It’s a tall blender out of Pennsylvania near Philadelphia and that’s been since March. So every all of our us cells now are made in America by a Pennsylvania company and they’re shipping straight from there to all of the US eventually maybe would like to have a hub also on the west coast maybe in Texas, you know, so in order to reduce or the footprints so less gas that’s being used and we’re trying to one thing that we like to do as a team here is to look at all the regulations from Be for water for air and try to respect them and also be one step ahead in the development that we do just to make sure that our customers are. You know, they’re well served. They can. They can ask us any questions about the regulations. We know them all and if we don’t we’ll look we’ll look them up to make sure that they comply.


RossKote(Kim):Well, I think that leads back to your core values about how you’re standing to help your customers and move the industry forward. And I and I it sounds like what you’re saying is what you’re doing, which I like.


Martin Pageau: You know, we’re trying as hard as we can.




Martin Pageau: because one thing is if our customers are happy, we’re happy and if they’re




Martin Pageau: not then we’ll work hard to make a match.


RossKote(Kim):Well, I mean everybody could use that


Martin Pageau: is that


RossKote(Kim):on their side, right? I mean, we’re just there’s a lot of small businesses out there that need the help of others to move them forward or grow their business.


Martin Pageau: yes, and if we can there’s nothing more pleasant than seeing an entrepreneur that starts a company and then I get one guy, our first customer in America from Maine Portland. He started in his in-laws garage and he was by himself with one employee and now they’re 12 employees five six years later the can’t be happier and we sold them the first tank. We changed it against a bigger tank and he’s doing more and more Wheels now, he’s up to 60 Wheels a day three vans. So it’s very happy to see our customers succeeding and if we can help them. even better


RossKote(Kim):Oh, that’s awesome. I think that’s a great way to end. I mean, it’s nice to know that you know, you’ve got our back if we’re gonna purchase a product from you. That you’re gonna be there along the way to help us maintain it and keep it running so that we can keep our businesses running. So let’s what’s your where can you be found? Why don’t you tell us your website? So the listeners who don’t have the video can be can know where to go on the web. And then also what’s your social media handles and stuff email phone?


Martin Pageau: Okay, my well our website is greensolv.com. And we get a platform on Instagram very popular. It’s green solved on this core link and we get we’re also on Facebook under my name Martin Pageau on LinkedIn as well and finally My email is mailto:mp8geau@greentsolv.com  You can write to me anytime. I answer everybody and make a point to that.


RossKote(Kim):And it’s greensolv with no e on the end s-o-l-v.


Martin Pageau: Yeah, yes V like Victor. You’re right with no E at the end. So green solving or that’s what we’re trying to do.


RossKote(Kim):Right, right. Awesome. Well, thank you for joining us on the program today. I appreciate it, and I hope I hope you have. I hope you may get some calls. You’ve certainly enlightened me again, and I’m gonna tell my husband all about this system. So, thank you.


Martin Pageau: Thank you man, Scott for having me today. It was a real pleasure to talk to you.


RossKote(Kim):All right. Thanks Martin. That was great.


Martin Pageau: All right. Have a great day. Aloha.

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