Learn the powder color basics.

There are different types and kinds of powder coat colors.  But which one is best for your needs?  

Powder it comes in many different colors, textures, and looks.  Most are just a single stage application. Some are two-stage or colors that require a clear coat.


Depending on your projects condition it’s important to know which powder will work best for you.

Heres a brief list:

  • Matte, Satin & Super Mirror
  • Anodized & Metallic
  • Shimmer & Illusions
  • Candy & Translucent
  • Textures & Veins
  • Fluorescent
  • Industrial RAL
  • Standard & Dormant
  • Hammertone & Stone


Your custom coater should have samples from you to choose from or head on over to our colors page to see links to real customer projects.

Learn more about each one as well as the basic applications types that powder coaters use to apply the powder.


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