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Restaurant Railing Project Aiea, Hawaii

Ah-hoy Diners!

Uncle’s Fish Market & Grill at Pearlridge takes you back to the simple life in Hawaii but that’s not what makes this restaurant famous. What does is their amazing selection of seafood caught daily to impress locals and visitors alike.  

So when it came to updating the outside railing to accommodate patronage better, they sought the simplicity in a dynamic railing system from one of the top fabricators in the state. Stanford Yacht Tenders took its extensive background in marine and vessel builds to give a safe harbor feel to the land-based mall exterior. 

Leaving the top rail a natural wood, the powder-coated railing project is traditional in design with a dark bronze two coat powder coating system by Maui Powder Works | Powder Coating Hawaii. Threaded steel completes the yacht-ie appeal.Additionally, beautifully crafted metal fish flank either side of the main entrance to entice the diner of what’s to be found inside! The freshest fish found in Hawaii.


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