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Wanting to update your car in a way that doesn’t break the bank? Try powder coating your rims.

Use this rim refinishing cost calculator to estimate how much your rims will cost to powder coat.

Powder coating is becoming a common application for customizing cars, trucks, and motorcycles because of the fast growth in custom coaters and consumers looking to stand out on the road.

Now more than ever auto enthusiasts are able to find these small job shops to get their everyday automotive and residential projects done locally.

That’s why we’ve created this rim refinishing cost estimator. To help you get an idea on what the average cost of powder coat rims is so that you can decide whether to powder coat or buy new rims.

This powder coat rims cost calculator includes all the work necessary to complete a set of rims by size and finish in either a single coat color application or a two-coat system like transparent, illusions and candy colors.

Know before you go 

Before using this calculator you will need to know your rim measurements.  

If you want to get ready like a pro download our free rim guide.

It takes you through all the steps you need to do before calling your nearby powder coater. 

The basic services you should expect using this price estimator are stripping, sandblasting and possibly a metal prep wash. Washes can be offered for aluminum wheels or as a rust inhibitor for steel before the final coating process. Read more on the powder coat process.

How to use this calculator

The cost calculator does not include any additional services. Rim repairs, welding, dismounting, tire replacement,  taping and masking, two-tone(two color block), custom colors or special color, etc are usually all additional. Please check with your local coater about these additional services.

Again this is to be used for general purposes only on what is the average cost of powder coating rims and we make no claims on the type or quality of work expected from any powder coater you choose.

Many top-notch custom coaters can and will charge more for their services.

The reader should become somewhat knowledgeable about powder coating before seeking an applicator or jobber. You can find many more helpful articles on our blog.

Maui Powder Works is committed to sharing their experience in metal coatings, painting, and restoration so customers can navigate the process of powder coating and make the best choices for getting their projects done. RossKote regularly contributes helpful videos on his blog and YouTube channel.

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