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Choosing powder coating is smart for Hawaii

Hawaii is our home but its harsh climate can take a toll on your car, home, motorcycle, and boat.  It’s tough enough to keep up with cleaning and maintaining your metal. We apply the toughest coating you need to stand against the elements in Hawaii.  That’s why choosing powder coating is smart for Hawaii.  It can handle UV and salt conditions more readily than even today’s most sophisticated paints.

With the combination of being environmentally friendly, more durable and cost efficient powder coatings are coming to the forefront of architectural and especially automotive customizing. Look around your home or garage chances are you have something that has been powder coated.

From racking a range of part sizes and quantities to extreme sized custom fabrication we do it all.  Let our full-service specialists make sure your project is handled with care from start to finish including packing and shipping to all islands.

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Why Choose Powder Coating

The Top 6 Reasons

We know there are many choices out there when you’ve got a metal project to paint or restore.  Here are the six best reasons why you want to get them powder coated.  

1. Use powder coating to define your look on a project.

2. Powder colors have something to fit every purpose. From sleek black to the safety of fluorescent, we can satisfy the needs for business or personal.

3. Unlike liquid paints and epoxies, powder coatings are more durable and chemically resistant yet contain no solvents; therefore do not emit pollution known as VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  

4. Being solvent free the process allows for a faster turnaround that delivers a durable product.

5. Unless you’re restoring a priceless object, the process is a fairly straight forward process and very economical. 

6. Traditional painting & contracting is a dirty business. It creates excessive debris & waste from job cleanup. By it’s very nature powder coatings are a cleaner, more efficient model that spares local landfills & saves the planet from unwanted waste.

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