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Simple care instructions after your rims and metal parts come back from powder coating.

Use these basic steps to care for your rims after they have been powder coated.

You’ve just picked up your parts from the powder coater and put your bike or car together for a sweet ride this weekend but forgot to ask this important question from your custom coater.

How do you maintain your powder coated metal?

There are several ways to protect your powder coated project especially from the elements over time.  

First off, some info on the powders themselves. 

Powder coating powders come in all ratings and types like TGIC, polyurethanes, polyesters, and hybrids.  

There are many colors and styles including smooth, textured, hammer-tone, metallic, translucent & illusion. There’s a post about that here.

The care and maintenance of powder coating should be very little especially if it was done by quality custom coater.

However, if that leaves you feeling a little unsettled this list of safe cleaning products will make you feel better about the care and maintenance of your metal project.

  1. General Clean– use mild soap and water, preferably phosphate free.
  2. Deep Clean– use Simple Green or orange based cleaner that is diluted according to label instructions
  3. Protect Daily– use an emollient like WD-40 to protect it from grime or dirt build up in between cleanings
  4. Lasting Finish– use an automotive spray-on sealer for waterproofing


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4 Ways to Maintain Powder Coating

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