Powder coating your rims is a great way to update a truck, car or motorcycle.  

Generally, custom coaters can offer services dismount and pre-prep services like de-greasing but it is always good to ask beforehand.

Some will either charge separately or include it in there pricing.

If your coater doesn’t provide these services you will need to do the following prep before bringing your project in.

  1. Dismount the tires from all rims. DIY-ers usually have the know how to do this but you can always drop by your local tire shop to get them dismounted. If you go this route, consider timing it with the replacement of your tires to save money on dismounting.
  2. All TPMS sensors and weights need to be removed.
  3. Remove the stems.
  4. If bearings are present they will have to be removed.
  5. Remove any excess grease and dirt; bring in a clean condition.

If you need tips on the best type of products to use to de-grease check out this blog post.

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Author: RossKote

As a 20 year veteran of the painting and restoration industry, it was natural to turn to this side of the coatings business. I own and operate a thriving sandblasting and powder coating business serving all of Hawaii. Now, I want to share my expertise in metal coatings so that customers can navigate the process of powder coating, save money, and make the best choices for getting their projects done.