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Episode 1: Introduction to the podcast

Get ready to Level up your powder coater game!

This Podcast is about Building Community Around Powder Coating. RossKote’s Powder Coating Podcast interviews influencers in the industry and covers trending topics to the industry so powder coaters can effectively learn and grow their business.

In this episode, we are introduced to the dynamic husband and wife team called RossKote. 

As the coater & the blogger team, Ross & Kim Scott each talk about what they want to accomplish with this podcast for powder coaters. Listen in as Kim shares a secret about whats she’s doing behind the scenes of their business and then Introduces her husband partner & powder coater.  Ross talks about his humble beginnings shares his story of how he got into this line of work and the lessons he learned.

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Some highlights from the podcast include this quote from Ross Scott, founder of Maui Powder Works describing why we started the blog and its message.

“A lot of our blog is about letting customers know about powder coating…that is…more or less against liquid coating. It’s a big segment & we’re trying to chip away at that.” Ross Scott

Another quote this time from Kim Scott the main writer for the blog talks about how they went about branding their company 3.5 years ago.

“We never tried to mimic anyone, we just crafted & created our own brand.” Kim Scott

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